Transit Tickets

Digital Transit Tickets

Instantly connect with customers on-the-go.

Ensure a stress free and seamless travel experience for customers.


  • Provide dynamic information to passengers and enhance the travelling experience.
  • Ease of delivery and distribution - no need to print.
  • Make it easier for customers to organize and track passes.


  • Distribute digital event tickets via SMS and email.
  • Send push reminders and manage dynamic data by updating transit pass information immediately.
  • Validate tickets easily by scanning the barcode.

Leverage your existing systems - since all information to be printed on paper tickets is already on the system it's easy to create a digital version.

Digital Transit Ticket Demo

Open the demo link on your mobile phone for the best demo experience.
  • Click on the demo button below. This demo works best on a mobile device.
  • Click on 'Add' to add the boarding pass to your mobile wallet.
  • Use a 2D scanner or a scanning app (we recommend Manatee) to scan the barcode to reveal a message from the Pass.
Transit Ticket Demo

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