Stamp Cards

Build Customer Loyalty & Drive Store Visits

Small businesses such as coffee shops, local restaurants, or sandwich stores simply don't have the time to even think about marketing their brand or developing an effective loyalty program. Digital stamp cards reduce the barriers to entry into mobile and have provided businesses with the brand exposure that is necessary to win customers in today's society.

Propel your business & increase sales today!

  • Instantly launch an effective loyalty program without developing an app
  • Increase customer loyalty and personally engage with customers on-the-go through automated push notifications
  • Grow your market base and turn new customers into repeat customers
  • Track the success of your campaign through detailed analytics and data

Digital Stamp Card Demo

Open the demo link on your mobile phone for the best demo experience.
  • Click on the demo button below. This demo works best on a mobile device.
  • Enter your name into the form to generate your digital stamp card.
  • Click on 'Add' to add the stamp card to your mobile wallet.
  • Use a 2D scanner or a scanning app (we recommend Manatee) to scan the barcode.
  • Once on the pass update page, input the username & password as: admin
  • Add stamps by clicking on the + button and confirm by clicking on 'Send Update to Pass'.
  • Your pass will be updated to reflect the changes.
Stamp Card Demo

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