Membership Cards

Digital Membership Cards

Run the best loyalty program, now and in the future.

Directly engage with customers by providing relevant information to them, implement dynamic point systems and better analyse customer behavior.


  • Provide benefits and rewards to existing customers.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Provide incentives to continue spending and collecting points.


  • Distribute digital membership cards via SMS and email to existing members.
  • Manage dynamic data by updating points on a membership card instantly.
  • Send valuable information to members through push notifications and iBeacon Technology.

You are able to enhance your loyalty program through the dynamic point system, leading to more frequent visits and purchases.

Digital Membership Card Demo

Open the demo link on your mobile phone for the best demo experience.
  • Enter your name into the form to generate your personalized digital membership card.
  • Click on 'Add' to add the membership card to your mobile wallet.
  • Use a 2D scanner or a scanning app (we recommend Manatee) to scan the barcode.
  • Once on the pass update page, input the following password: admin
  • Input a new Points balance and click 'Update Passbook Pass'.
  • Your pass will be updated with the new points balance.
Membership Card Demo

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